"A Like Kind" by further(monday)

September Flickr Group Contest Winners

The slGoth Flickr Group winners for the month of September are here!  The winning photos will be in October’s Super Spooktacular Issue.  Congratulations to the winners.

1st Place “A Like Kind” by Further (Monday)
A Like Kind

2nd Place “Steampunk Plague Doctor; Nevermore” by Stymied Ennui
Steampunk Plague Doctor; Nevermore

3rd Place
Half Hidden” by Erin Frostbite
https://flic.kr/p/oUwjBS (NSFW)

Prizes were gift cards from Souzou Eien, Razor, and The Elegant Goth. Additional gacha/raffle prizes from Immateria, Blue Blood, Bare Rose, NeverWish, Lovely Monsters, Silentsparrow

Each month the slGoth Flickr Group has a contest with a theme.  Take a picture and post it with the Tag in the News description and enter to win.  Thanks for having fun in our Flickr community.


The 2014 H.P. Lovecraft Festival in Second Life

lovefest cover
slGoth Special – The 2014 H.P. Lovecraft Festival “At the Mountains of Madness”

The 2014 H.P. Lovecraft Festival honors the memory of the famous author around his birthday on August 19th – 25th.  This years theme was “At the Mountains of Madness,” an Antarctic Experience where explorers braved the dark reaches and searched for clues to an ancient mystery.  The experience was crafted by Jimmy Branagh, Leeandra Ellisson, Anda (anniedie), Arik Metzger, and Myrtil Igaly in Second Life.  The H.P. Lovecraft Role Play group assisted with making the Festival enjoyable to all who visited .

Live performances by Nightwish, Apocalyptica, DJ Edward Pearse’s Cyclopean Carnival, “Tales of the Uncanny” Cabaret , Cradle of Filth, and DJ Bcreative’s Lovecraft Birthday Bash.  Sim music was provided by Fitch Ledova.

The fair grounds hosted over 40 merchants eager to sell their exotic wares.  Participants involvement in the fair went toward AutCom to promote autism awareness and helped raise $350 U.S. dollars for the charity.

slGoth published a Special progam issue for the event.  It contains a Welcome from Arik Metzger, Founder of the Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival, a schedule of events, performers, merchants, and Gifts from Unnr “H.P. Lovecraft Replica Headstone” and Laudanum by Felice Nightfire “H.P. Lovecraft Necklaces.”

For more information about the Second Life H.P. Lovecraft Roleplay Group see the website


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